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Premium algae oil by Aker BioMarine

innovating in omega-3

What sets FloraMarine apart?

High DHA 60%

Naturally concentrated

FloraMarine's contains the highest natural concentration of DHA on the market

Small capsule

250mg daily dose

Due to FloraMarine's 60% natural concentration of DHA, we can fit 250mg of DHA into a 400mg capsule

Natural TG

Alteration free

FloraMarine comes in natural triglyceride form with no molecular or chemical alterations

unique sources

From the experts

Aker BioMarine has over 15 years experience in pioneering marine sources omega-3 ingredients


FloraMarineTM is a new plant-based, marine source of DHA omega-3 from algae, offering the highest natural concentration of DHA on the market today. DHA is widely known to be vital for brain and eye health, as well as early life nutrition. In the search for sustainable alternatives to DHA from fish oil, FloraMarine offers brands a competitive advantage due to its high-strength DHA from a sustainable, clean, plant-based source – traits in line with consumer demand. The FloraMarine brand builds on Aker BioMarine’s strong position as a trusted expert in marine source omega-3 for the nutraceutical industry.

we are at Max capacity

There are not enough fish in the sea

The global demand for EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids is accelerating. With the rise in knowledge and awareness of the benefits and need of omega-3 for human health, combined with the huge demand from the aquaculture industry to include EPA and DHA sources in fish feed, the world’s wild caught fisheries are under immense pressure to safeguard future fish stocks whilst keeping up with demand.

We need to optimize and utilize new sources to ensure a sustainable source of omega-3 for the health of future generations to come.

missing key nutrients

Solving the global challenge of getting enough omega-3

Everyone knows that eating fish is good for our health, largely due to the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These two fatty acids are vital for heart health, brain health and eye health. Yet they actually have a whole host of widely varying effects in the body, everything from keeping our cell membranes in optimal health, to hormone production, nerve and brain cell support to muscle movement and even helping our skin lock in moisture. 

Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t get enough from our diet. More than 90% of the global population have insufficient levels of EPA & DHA, which can have far reaching consequences for our health.

novel solutions

Unlocking the potential of microalgae

Microalgae are microscopic organisms that thrive in aquatic environments, playing a crucial role in ecosystems and hold significant importance for various industries. These tiny organisms are primary producers and serve as a vital food source for marine life, forming the base of the aquatic food chain. Additionally, microalgae possess remarkable biochemical diversity, producing a wide array of compounds such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and pigments like astaxanthin. In fact, microalgae are the one plant-based source for omega-3 EPA and DHA.

Often touted as sustainable alternatives to traditional sources, microalgae present as a unique, low impact and renewable resource to a supplement industry that is in need of delivering high quality omega-3 fatty acids for human health.

Your algae oil journey begins here


As part of the global operation of bringing sustainable marine ingredients to customers worldwide, our FloraMarine team are here to help you with any questions you may have.

We're dedicated to the success of our customers. Whether you need assistance on consumer and industry insights, science and regulatory support, go to market strategies and more...our FloraMarine team is here to assist you in this journey.